Treating Thoracic and Facial Problems with Entry and Exit Points

Jonathan Shubs Treating Thoracic and Facial Problems


I usually LOVE prod courses, this was not one

A long and disorganized presentation that could have been succinctly covered in a fraction of the time. Speaker waffled. Quiz questions unclear. I usually LOVE prod courses, this was not one that impressed me much. ~ caitlin

Japanese Acupuncture Style practitioner

This course is ideal for the Japanese Acupuncture Style practitioner. It utilizes and expands upon our education toward the Chinese clock relationships (i.e. midday-midnight relationships). You get a quick understanding of the theory behind these relationships and then are given a fairly simple yet rounded clinical overview of how to apply these theories.

The structure of the protocols (if they can be called that) make for quick and accurate application of this into your normal treatments, yet give leeway on how exactly/when to utilize the treatment points. I can see myself using this quite readily for the appropriate patients during the root treatment or right afterward as a second step as a nice transition into the local treatment. ~ Christopher