Treating Therapy-Resistant Chronic Pain with Auricular Medicine

Treating Therapy-Resistant Chronic Pain with Auricular Medicine


Clear and well defined

Clear and well defined information for patients and this presentation made me want to learn more about this form of medicine. Thank you Dave for your clarity and professionalism. ~ Joseph

The course was solid and well

The course was solid and well organized and very informative. The instructor really knows his stuff. I was a little bored in the beginning but when we got more into the material, it became more interesting ~ S

Able to apply this knowledge in my clinic immediately.

Thankyou. i am certain I will be able to apply this knowledge in my clinical practice immediately. ~ Rose

considering pursuing certification in this modality

I have studied auricular acupuncture in the past, but rely most heavily on body acupuncture in my clinic. I often wonder why a percentage of my patients don't respond to a treatment protocol that works 90% of the time for my pain patients. I would not be surprised if the answer is found in scars that they have that are emotionally traumatic and blocking healing. I am now considering pursuing certification in this modality. ~ Joyce

video course was invaluable

This course was so informative and thorough. The video course was invaluable as it gave more information than the slides did. ~ Elizabeth

great and informative course

this was a great and informative course, can be applied clinically immediately. ~ Helen

Excellent presentation.

Excellent presentation. I use auriculotherapy in my practice and found the information clear and useful. The counterblockages, point precision and functional points will be very useful to me in clinic. ~ Michael


I am very impressed with course and teacher. I am considering doing the foundations class. ~ Terese

excellent course

This was an excellent course. There was a perfect balance of historical information, practical "how to" instruction, and case studies. The presenter answered all questions clearly and thoroughly. I feel inspired to learn more but also confident to take what I learned today and use it with patients right away. I also appreciated how smoothly all the technical details of the seminar were handled. Thank you all very much for an excellent first experience with live webinars and for offering this way to earn my CA live CEUs from the comfort of my home! ~ Aliki

Thanks so much!!

Sure makes me want to look into this as a major mode of treatment!  Thanks so much!! ~ Ellen