Treating Migraines with Auricular Medicine

Daid Maybee Treating Migraines with Auricular Medicine


Great teacher

Great and instructive course. Great teacher who really knows what he's talking about! Inspires me to deepen my knowledge of auriculotherapy! ~ C. Nathan

Very good

Very good - I plan to take his entire course program to continue this in depth. ~ Olena

Another great course

Another great course with Dave Maybee!  His teaching style is clear, concise, and extremely informative. ~ Jennifer

This was a great webinar.

This was a great webinar.  It was very informative and approachable.  The time went by fast and Dave Maybee is interesting and appears to know his medicine well. ~ Revital

Very informative

Very informative and enjoyable course. ~ Norma


The presenter was clearly knowledgeable about the material.

The course was great

The course was great - the only thing I would say is that I wish David has prepared the point locations for the course ahead of time. It took up a lot of time to draw and label - time I felt could have been better used with an additional case study or other content. Also - as a new student to auricular medicine, I found the introduction to the medicine very useful...I can see if someone was more familiar, this would have been a lot of time spent on intro material. ~ Shawna