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Saturday September 9, 2017 9:00 am - 1:30 pm PDT
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Pacific Standard Time PST/PDT (Vancouver BC, Los Angeles CA)
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“There is no Dao among the common people that is greater than the Dao of Nurturing the young, If (Children) are not Nurtured when they are young, they will die before reaching adulthood…” (Sun Simiao 652 Bc. translation by Sabine Wilms, Venerating the root)
Ear infections are the most common cause for a sick child visit to the doctor and accounts for half of all pediatric antibiotics. Statistics shows that a child has 80% chances to have an ear infections before the age of three and 20-30% chances of 6 recurrences before the age of seven, in the US alone it is estimated of 16M annual episodes. Conventional treatment includes conservative treatment with antibiotics and antihistamines and surgical treatment including tonsillectomy adenoidectomy and/or myringotomy and tube insertion, two options that are usually hard for the aware parents and not always effective mainly as they do not treat the root/cause of the infections. Chinese medicine that has a wider perspective for ear infection can offers a much more effective and more gentle treatment that can not only treat the symptoms but also prevent them from recurring. Moreover, the treatment in CM can go along perfectly with the conventional treatment which can lead to a good communication with the MD’s and benefit the patients.


  • Introduction to ear infections and otitis media.
  • Conventional treatment overview - when it is a necessity and when it good to intervene.
  • Chinese medicine Differential Diagnosis (Shi&Xu Child, 5 types and Tai Yin and Tw)
  • Treatment according to D.D. (Acupuncture, Herbal medicine, Nutrition and home remedies and instructions
  • The responsible care with Chinese Medicine and Conventional Care and/or “How to deal with the worried parent”


  • Introduction to ear infections and otitis media
  • Conventional treatment overview - when it is a necessity and when it good to intervene
  • Chinese medicine mechanisms (Pathophysiology) (Heat and Fluids according to 6 Divisions/ systems & Climates)
  • Treatment according to D.D. (Shi&Xu Child & 5 types- Acupuncture Herbal medicine, Nutrition and home remedies and instructions)
  • The responsible care with Chinese Medicine and conventional care and/or “How to deal with the worried parent” - Q&A
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Assaf Mor


Assaf is a practitioner of Chinese medicine, Shiatsu, herbal therapy and Qi Gong, specialising in the treatment of children and adolescents

He is a graduate of Broshim College of integrative Medicine, Tel Aviv University in Shiatsu and Chinese medicine and Continued his studies in Classical Chinese medicine, Stems & Branches and Japanese Acupuncture and completed an advanced course in acupuncture at the Guan An Man Hospital in Beijing.

Assaf practices in his private clinic located in the Refuot Center for integrative medicine, Working Closely to Dr. Yair Maimon, and serves as the Head of Chinese medicine service at the Paediatric surgery division at the Sheba Medical center at Tel Hashomer.

In addition Assaf is a member of the teaching staff at Broshim College teaching Chinese Medicine and Shiatsu and teaches at several post graduate courses.

Since 2007 Assaf has run the ICCM, (International Congress of Chinese Medicine in Israel ) and from 2010 until 2016 he was the sole owner of the organization.

Image of Assaf Mor