Ten Key Formula Families in Chinese Medicine

Ten Key Formula Families in Chinese Medicine


it was amazing!!

Hi everyone who is involved with this seminar: it was amazing!!
thanks you guys so much for your excellent work.
And thanks so much to Dr. Huang, I think this seminar will be like a landmark for me: before the seminar and after the seminar, as I learnt soo much.
The presentation was excellent. I live and practice outside a small town in Northern NSW in Australia, and it was a real treat to have access to such an excellent seminar from my home in the bush.
kind regards,

Outstanding class

Outstanding class. ~ Amy


I loved learning another way to help with diagnosing. Taking into account a person's constitution was a very useful and interesting way of navigating the complexities of diagnosis. ~

Absolutely indispensable.

Words for what: give me more ! Absolutely indispensable. ~ Armando


Dr. Huang´s insight and views how to treat cancer and autoimmune disease with classical formulas are most valuable. The emphasis of regulating the person's constituition is fundamental in basically any kind of disease. That is the beauty of it ! ~ Armando

It is a good experience to learn this in Chinese and English

It is a good experience for me to learn this in Chinese and English. I am learning SHAN HAN LUN, and it is helpful for me to know how to use them. Most of the disease mentioned in the class are what I have seen. It is helpful to build my confidence using the herbs.

This was an excellent course

This was an excellent course, easy to follow and readily applicable in my everyday clinic work. Thank you.

The course was very long due

The course was very long due to the translation. It felt worth more ceus based on the amount of time I had to put in. With that said, I am deeply grateful to Dr Huang Huang for this information that well exceeds what I learned in school on the classical formulas. I find his herb typing to be fascinating and so far applicable and useful in my practice.
~ Anna

This program was an excellent

This program was an excellent addition to Dr. Huang's book "Ten Key Formula Families in Chinese Medicine". It brought clarity and emphasis to differentiating aspects of types, which may appear similar in the book. In doing so, the core concepts are more immediately usable.
~ Matthew

More Huang Huang!!

More Huang Huang!! Excellent, we need more like this! ~ Anna