Symptoms as Metaphors: Eastern and Western Symbolic Approaches

Symptoms as Metaphors: Eastern and Western Symbolic Approaches



Excellent material, very informative and will use it in my practice. ~ Kara

Tapping Protocol is very effective

I am very pleased that ProDSeminars offers EFT as part of its CEU programs as I love EFT and use it with many clients. I feel Larry Burk's EDANVIR Tapping Protocol is very effective. He explained mind body metaphors and using the EDANVIR Tapping Protocol very succinctly and effectively. ~ Linda

I enjoyed Larry's

I enjoyed Larry's presentation however I wish it were a little longer. I will definitely purchase the book because the informative seems quite useful.
~ Carolyn

Enjoyed the course

Enjoyed the course.

Very interesting content

I found the content very interesting. Thank you, Dr Burk, for providing formation that synthesizes professions in several realms---a rare opportunity.

So useful

Great presentation.. so useful...

Incredible topic

What a difference from my last webinar! Incredible topic, amazing presenter. More like this PLEASE!!! Thank you!

Interesting case reports

I especially enjoyed the interesting case reports. Hoping this works and will try it out.

Useful information

Enjoyed this class very much. interesting, fun, good speaker, useful information that I know how to apply clinically

Worked on pain

The EFT process worked on my Shoulder pain