I found the content very interesting. Thank you, Dr Burk, for providing formation that synthesizes professions in several realms---a rare opportunity.

The course has been retried. We hope Dr. Larry Burk will share more clinical pearls in the future.

Immune conditions and other illnesses of unknown cause sometimes manifest as symbolic diseases where the symptoms seem to correlate directly with the patients’ life stories. The discovery of somatic metaphors can be a useful clue to triggering the healing process in these mysterious maladies. This approach leads to honoring symptoms as messengers from the unconscious about an emotional imbalance or block that needs to be healed rather than suppressed with medication.

These metaphors can be explored using intuitive imagery exercises and Chinese five element theory, and the emotions at the root of the symptoms can be addressed with Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). Literature reviews of symbolic diseases and EFT will be provided along with case reports. A group exercise with metaphorical imagery and EFT will be followed by a question and answer session at the end.

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Larry Burk


Larry Burk, MD, CEHP, President, Healing Imager, Inc.

Dr. Burk is a musculoskeletal teleradiologist and integrative physician specializing in MRI, medical acupuncture, medical hypnosis and EFT. He learned Anodyne Imagery as an Associate Professor of Radiology at Duke University Medical Center in 1995 and uses imagery for intuitive problem solving. Dr. Burk completed the UCLA Medical Acupuncture for Physicians Course in 1998 and was co-founder and Education Director of the Duke Center for Integrative Medicine. He studied five element theory with Lonnie Jarrett in 2010.

Dr. Burk started Healing Imager, Inc, in 2004 to do teleradiology for NationalRad and integrative medicine for Oriental Health Solutions, LLC. He learned EFT in 2002 and completed the ACEP certification program in 2010. Dr. Burk published a paper on EFT for stress-related symptoms after motor vehicle accidents in the Energy Psychology Journal in 2010. He completed the American Society for Clinical Hypnosis certification program in 2011. His book, Let Magic Happen: Adventures in Healing with a Holistic Radiologist, was published in 2012.

Larry Burk


I was disappointed that so little time was spent on the metaphor aspect of symptoms. Louise Hays' book was used as a reference, but I would have liked to hear from Dr. Burke's perspective and experience what metaphors go into which Elemental category. I felt this was more about EFT use in an Acupuncture setting. Not at all what I wanted, though informative about EFT, none the less.

It was a very interesting seminar. As acupuncturists we constantly see the connection between the physical and emotional aspects of disease as it presents in the clinic. It is exciting to hear it being expanded and investigated further.

I appreciate the inclusion of reference materials to pursue for further study. I will use this site again for future ceu classes.

It was helpful.

Fascinating and I will read more.