Success with Western Botanicals for the Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Success with Western Botanicals for the Chinese Medicine Practitioner


could have been presented more appropriately

I must admit both my appreciation and disappointment in this lecture. Mr. Gaeta imparts an abundance of knowledge that will be extremely beneficial for practitioners and their patients, HOWEVER, I do feel that the lecture, REGARDLESS of what he said, smacked of a lack of ethics. Mr. Gaeta is a paid speaker for one of these companies, and while he doesn't make a profit off of the future sales of any supplements (financial remuneration for increased sales), he nonetheless enjoys the status and prestige and influence of stating that he is a compensated speaker for said company. It lends him more credibility and influence, and he plugged the products all along the way during this lecture. It was like being at a multilevel marketing presentation. While he did state that the practitioner could use whatever source they deem appropriate, he smirked and smiled only with his mouth (not sincerely with his eyes as well) nearly every time he stated this during the first hour or two. This is a non-verbal message he is sending to the attendee of this lecture-- and one must take into consideration that there truly is a hierarchical relationship here: "expert teacher" vs. student. As Amy Sear would likely note, there is a power differential here. It's just not appropriate to push any product-- he acted much the same as an MD paid by a pharmaceutical company speaking before doctors. While there may not be a financial benefit for him to push his preferred brands, he does enjoy other types of compensation (authority, prestige, bragging rights of being a paid speaker). I signed up for this class to learn about the Western botanicals, not primarily about the elite and superior brand of herbals he uses. He obviously can state whatever he wants repeatedly throughout the lecture to justify his actions, but it was disappointing that he focused on sharing the specifics of his products vs strictly the specifics of the herbs themselves. It would have been better left as an excellent addendum at the end as to reputable brands, appropriate dosing, which brands he prefers, and how he uses them. The litmus test here is that he CONSTANTLY had to assert that we were free to choose whichever source to use AFTER he stated exactly how to use brand product X "Echinacea Premium" or whatever-- he was perpetually on the defense every time he brought up his preferred brand, thereby implying/confirming a defense of any question of ethics. The information imparted and his wealth of knowledge are much appreciated and invaluable, yet it could have been presented more appropriately. The listener is made to believe and feel that there is no other way to have appropriate success with any other source. Very disappointing and even frustrating to receive such great knowledge in such a fashion. ~Lizabeth


This class was extremely informative. I really liked Dr. Gaeta's presentation style and passion, as well. A+ ~ Jason

This is one of the BEST courses

This is one of the BEST courses I have ever taken! Michael Gaeta is a great presenter and a wealth of information. He is very generous in sharing his knowledge and resources. I will definitely be taking another one of his courses soon! ~ Lisa

I absolutely loved this seminar.

I absolutely loved this seminar.  It was informative, well thought-out, I can start using the information right away, and plenty of time was allotted to present and absorb the information.  I also really liked the speaker and will be taking more of his courses. ~ Nicole

super informative course

This was a super informative course, lot of great info and content that is immediately applicable. ~ Isabelle

abundantly helpful

I found the information abundantly helpful to incorporating these herbs discussed into my practice and to dispelling misinformation about the herbs which had limited my use of them. ~ Patricia

highest quality I've seen in the acupuncture ceu field

This is a general comment after having taken three of your live webinars recently.  The course content, the teachers, the embedded videos and other graphics and diagrams are the highest quality I've seen in the acupuncture ceu field.