A Spirit at Rest: Treating Sleep Disorders with Chinese Medicine

A Spirit at Rest: Treating Sleep Disorders with Chinese Medicine Yvonne Farrell


I learned a lot

I learned a lot, especially with extra points, patterns of sleep disorders, and order to needle ~ Jessica

excellent experience

This is the first course I have taken with ProD Seminars and it was an excellent experiences. Yvonne was such a great speaker and was able to hold my attention and keep the content interesting throughout the entire course. I learned so much about insomnia and TCM treatments. I am excited to apply my new found knowledge to my practice. ~ Amanda

awesome seminar !

Thank You for another awesome seminar ! ~ Lauren

She's an amazing instructor!

She's an amazing instructor! The information is put together in a useful way that keeps it interesting. ~ Kelly

Great course!

Great course! My first with Yvonne. I'm inspired to learn more about channel theory and take more of her courses. ~ Karen

immediately applicable to practice

Yvonne Farrell's sleep course was very informative, immediately applicable to practice, and delivered very well. I also liked the format, which allows for much flexibility for busy people. ~ Evgenia


EXCELLENT WEBINAR! Informative and useful. I've taken a live course with Yvonne before and happy there's opportunity to do so online also! Love that she discusses ghost points and spirits of points. That's how I first learned Chinese Medicine and often many CEUs are more TCM focused. This was a good mix of both. ~ Veronica

I loved this class and was very inspired

I loved this class and was very inspired by the depth of knowledge that Yvonne has. Really excited to learn more about the * extras and how they are useful and can be applied. Would definitely recommend. SO MUCH USEFUL INFO! I was almost overwhelmed by the amount of useful info. ~ Chase

Overall very good.

Overall very good.  A bit dry at times--more case studies would have made it more interesting ~ Daniel


Especially liked that she repeatedly emphasized that she was presenting possible treatment approaches and not set protocols ~ Steve