We commonly see in a fertility clinic repeating diagnostic patterns, and repeating treatment strategies. There are particular herbal formulations that might be useful for some patients fitting these categories.
· Endometriosis
· Immune Infertility
· Premenstrual Syndrome
· Menorraghia
· Male infertility
Each disorder is analyzed in terms of common presentation patterns. A thorough understanding of the disorder from a TCM and Western medical perspective is assumed as a necessary pre-requisite before taking this course. Also assumed is a basic knowledge of Chinese herbs.

Learning Objectives
1. Recognizing common diagnostic patterns in Gynecological Disorders
2. Becoming familiar with herb actions and synergies, and using formulations.
• Prescribing for Endometriosis
• Prescribing for PCOS
• Prescribing for PMS
• Prescribing for Immune Infertility
• Prescribing for Menorrhagia

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Jane Lyttleton


Jane Lyttleton,
BSc Hons (NZ), M Phil (Lond), Dip TCM (Aus), Cert Acup (China), Cert
Herbal Medicine (China), Fellow AACMA, Reg AHPRA.
Jane qualified first as a research scientist and then as doctor of Chinese medicine. After thirty years of TCM clinical experience and having had the privilege of working in gynaecology hospital departments with some of China's best known specialists, she sits comfortably with the logic of both Chinese medicine and western science and feels both can contribute greatly to positive therapeutic outcomes for the patient.

Jane is a Director of a multi modality medical centre in Sydney where she practices TCM focusing on her specialty in gynaecology and infertility.
She is also the Director of the Acupuncture Pregnancy clinics in Sydney and Melbourne. These clinics provide a complete and compassionate holistic service for infertility patients and for IVF patients who wish to prepare for IVF, and receive support during and after IVF. They also provide a framework for collecting data and carrying out research (in conjunction with WSU and IVF clinics).


Jane is the Author
 of the preeminent text on the treatment of reproductive
disorders with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM): “Treatment of
Infertility with Chinese Medicine”. Published by Elsevier in 2004 and 2013 in 3 languages and now in its 7th reprint.
And co author of The Clinical Handbook of Internal Medicine Volume 1, 2 and 3 published by WSU and Pangolin Press.

She lectures at universities in Sydney and internationally.

Simplified Prescribing for Complex Conditions