Excellent course. A great refresher with some new ideas to implement in my clinical practice.
~ Jason

Attracting new patients is hard work. It can be expensive and time consuming. Ensuring that you keep those patients, and keep them coming back, is critical to your success.

In this course you will learn the lifetime value of a patient, along with three specific tools for increasing the value of your patient base. Also learn the key reasons that patients return to your practice, and how to maximize patient retention!

This course is built around practical tools and steps that you can start using in your clinic today


  • Introduction
  • The new patient treadmill. Why making the most of your existing patient base is so critical. And introduction to the concept of “The Boulder” and “Levers”
  • Moving the Boulder: The Three Levers
    • The First Lever: How to increase return visits to your practice.
    • The Second Lever: Three specific strategies to increase the amount your patients spend on each visit.
    • The Third Lever: How to treat multiple patients at once.
  • Five Simple Actions Five practical steps practitioners can take to put the three levers to work in practice.

Dan Clements


My goal is to help as many CAM and integrative health professionals as possible find success in their practices. Whether you’re a TCM practitioner, a chiropractor, an acupuncturist, a massage therapist, or a naturopath (to name a few), we think you’ll find some great content here to help you grow your practice and keep your life in balance.

What’s success? For us it’s a combination of wealth, health, work-life balance, and being able to do what you love without burning out. We think the best way to help the complementary, alternative and holistic health care industry is to make sure its patients and its practitioners get better every day.

The great irony of the CAM professions is that almost no one sets out to be in business, but almost everyone has to be in order to find success. My goal is to level that playing field.

DAN CLEMENTS writes and speaks on health, business, and lifestyle design.

He is the author of The Practitioner's Journey as well as The sabbatical book Escape 101, which has appeared such places as The Wall Street Journal, Success Magazine, and The Miami Herald.

Dan Clements


This program was excellent and I will definitely be able to use this knowledge to help grow my practice.

Excellent course. A great refresher with some new ideas to implement in my clinical practice.
~ Jason

a good short efficient reminder of business sense. practical suggestions on how to increase patient return/retention

It is easy to get great info in the shape of picture, videos and books.