Profection: Treating the Moment of Trauma

Profection: Treating the Moment of Trauma


re:Treating the Moment of Trauma

Trauma is very critical thing in one’s life and treating such things is really risky. I thing this Chinese medicine have solution for solving the things related to this and the site have perfectly explained the same. Keep sharing such info and thank you!
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unclear where the course was taking us

I was unclear where the course was taking us for most 1st part of the lecture. It was not until Dr. Morris started talking about the Profection treatment on the umbilicus then I get a better idea how the treatment can benefit the healing of traumas. Perhaps in the future he could briefly introduce the application of Profection first then come back to the History of NeoClassical methods and the 8EV part, so we would have a better understanding and know what to expect to learn in class (like the Auricular acupuncture)?
I'd also like to learn more on how Dr. Morris linked the Greek astrology to the Chinese medicine. It would offer us a more complete understanding of this subject! :-)

excellent course

I think it was an excellent course and would like more courses covering some of the I formation tapped into -specifically her a and the eight extras.

turned out okay

I wasn't clear knowing how we were going to get to the material because the presenter was very academic about the history and I wasn't. Started to feel like I was going to get lost but turned out okay ~ Margot

Good course

Good course difficult material in its entirety to convey need more time as always. ~ Richard

very knowledgeable

The speaker is very knowledgeable and presented interesting and useful information. However, his presentation was somewhat disjointed and unclear at times. Though, he did make appropriate effort to answer all questions in a timely manner.

Felt the course was little

Felt the course was little bit all over the place.  Felt that even though the 8 EV is an important point.  Since this course is about profection, A really really solid clear definition right at the beginning would be nice.

interesting topics

I thought this presentation was able to cover some very deep and interesting topics while still distilling the actual treatment strategy in a useful way.

A number of people asked for

A number of people asked for a def. of Profection during the class. So, defining critical terms early on for the sake of understanding would be helpful to students.

I appreciated the class and look forward to using it.

I think it might improve the course to offer divisions of the class - "in the first section, we're going to lay out the background so it's ok to get a gloss of what we're talking about; you won't need to recall details such as x,y,z in order to practice the Profection. In the second section, now, we're going to talk about the 8 EVs and their pulse pictures, and this is the beginning of learning how to proceed with the Profection."

So, a kind of categorizing of topics could be helpful. Here is an overview of the different topics we're going to cover - at the beginning. And then name the groups as we get into each one. EG: Historical background; the 8 Extras - an overview; the 8 Extras - history; 8 EV Pulse pictures & their meaning; Beginning the Profection Process: bringing it into the clinic discussion; How to calculate it; - the somatochart, wei cycle; How to effect it - procedure, needling, duration; Effects - patient reactions, follow-up.... etc.

Also, while incidental comments are (and were!) often interesting, they can be taxing when one is learning something new (jing getting scarcer as I age). So, a kind of economy might be helpful, with fewer footnotes.

Overall, I appreciated the class and look forward to using it. There is so much trauma in our world; it is good to have another way to approach resolving it for patients who find their way to us. ~ David