Polycystic Ovaries - Treatment of Infertility

Polycystic Ovaries - Treatment of Infertility


Great course!

Great course! ~ Kristin


Jane Lyttleton is a wonderful presenter! Her seminars are always so detailed, organised and thorough. I have already recommended this seminar!

I have enjoyed Ms.

I have enjoyed Ms. Lyttleton's books for years, finding them invaluable in my clinic as essential reference texts. Jane's teaching style is equally clear and concise while accounting for the need to individualize treatment for our clients.
~ Sheila

Listening to Dr. Lyttleton is always a pleasure

Listening to Dr. Lyttleton is always a pleasure, as well as reading her book on infertility and brought in lots of Western medicine concepts, as well as the flow chart (decision tree was part of my former Master's degree in Business Management!)
~ Sheila

All about Jane

It is a pleasure to listen to all of Jane Lyttleton's seminars!
- Erin W

PCOS course

This course was very informative. I recommend it to anyone who treats infertility patients. Thank you, Jane and Pro-D!

PCOS course with Jane Lyttleton

Jane is a wonderful teacher, and the on-line format with audio and power point worked well. I was able to stay focussed and found the slides very helpful. Also I liked being able to pause the program to write my own notes and make sure I didn't miss anything. Really worthwhile. Good content on PCOS that I was unaware of, particularly the studies done in China on using herbs with Clomid.