Nutrition: The Forgotten Pillar of Chinese Medicine

Marlene Merritt


Excellent presentation

Excellent presentation, very well researched and structured. Presenter is very engaging. Thanks you Marlene for doing all the work and sharing your knowledge with us - much appreciated. ~ Mira

This course was fantastic!

I have taken courses from Pro D before and I really enjoy them. This course however was fantastic! I have a special interest in nutrition and this course definitely answered a lot of my questions. I feel more confident now making dietary suggestions to my patients. ~ Melanie

Excellent presentation.

Excellent presentation with very informative information. Marlene is incredibly knowledgeable and her presentation is very well-researched. It's been incredibly and immediately applicable for me and my patients! ~ Danielle

Fantastic course

Fantastic course, I really enjoyed the knowledge and have applied to my own life with success! ~ Lynne

good info

lots of good info confirming what I have suspected for a long time from my clinical experience ~ Lee-Ana

Absolutely phenomenal

Absolutely phenomenal course!! This course is THE best continuing education course I've taken, and the one I will definitely use the most. I am excited to learn more and to start using this information in my practice, and think it's a vital piece that has been missing from the medicine I do. I am so grateful. Please offer more by Dr. Merritt!! And THANK YOU!
~ Rachel

Dr. Merritt clearly delivers

Dr. Merritt clearly delivers a great deal of useful information in every minute of this course. So happy to have had access to this seminar through Pro D. I would like to see more courses offered by Dr. Merritt. Sign me up! ~Julie

Impressive information.

Impressive information. Definitely changed my understanding of nutrition. ~Michael

Thank you. Left me hungering

Thank you. Left me hungering for more.

Thank you so much. I've got a

Thank you so much. I've got a new good knowledge from this lecture. ~Sun