No Gimmicks, Just Greatness - Simple Strategies that will Make Your Practice Stand Out in a Crowd

No Gimmicks, Just Greatness - Simple Strategies that will Make Your Practice Sta


It was wonderful

This is one of two seminars I have taken during my 16 years of practice that fit with my philosophy of practice, and actually gave me things I could use. It was wonderful and Nicole Lange is obviously amazing!! Thank you so much!! Ellen Leonard, L.Ac.


Nicole's take on practicing an ancient medicine in a modern setting is inspiring, practical, completely do-able, and absolutely in every patients best interest. I took more away from this class than I expected to, and I would highly recommend this to new and experienced practitioners alike. ~ Sara


This talk was so inspiring and is filled with very helpful and special information. I came looking for ways to better help educate my patients but I was given that and so much more. I think everyone should watch this seminar, it really opened my eyes to how I want to practice and also even made me think about making some changes to my own life. Thanks so much Nicole!

Great motivation

Great motivation keep practicing the way I want to practice, focussing on the patient and helping people to understand their health and empower their own healing. What a rewarding experience. Can't wait to put more of these practices into my own clinic.


Nicole's presentation was wonderful! It really resonated with how I practice and offered guidelines for establishing even more Patient-Centered Holism in my practice. This is an essential way of thinking about Chinese Medicine! ~ Danielle

Nicole is a great teacher.

Nicole is a great teacher. I like her modern analogies and loved that she returned to the orininal sources in our medicine. ~ Kathrin

I really loved this course!

I really loved this course! I just wish the slides had had more information on them.
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The analogies are brilliant

I really enjoy these types of courses. The analogies are brilliant to explain TCM concepts. I would be interested to have her consider doing a seminar expanding on the "entrees" that she bases her individual retreats on. ~ Lisa

an outstanding course

This was such an outstanding course and Nicole was such an inspiring, dynamic and knowledgeable instructor. This is one I will be re-watching for more inspiration in the future! She has such a unique viewpoint that really got me excited for the medicine in a new way. The only issue I had was that the slides we were to print off could have been 1/3 the amount- so many of the slides were redundant or useless. Would have loved for more information to be included on the slides. ~ Susan

Such a great class!

Such a great class! A great blend of heart and science ~ Kacie