Neuropuncture: Treating Lumbar Spine and Knee Conditions: Module 8

Michael Corradino Lumbar Spine and Knee Conditions


This was a great class.

This was a great class. I learned new point combos for estim. I've been using a Spring Winds herbal poultice for a periosteal hematoma on my tibia & it was great to see what I've been doing reconfirmed by someone. ~ Christine

very helpful for the patient's understanding and trust

Every ProD course I have of Michael's have been extremely effective in my clinical practice. The dialogue regarding the treatments is also very helpful for the patient's understanding and trust. Thanks so much Michael and ProD! ~ Peter

His passion and energy is contagious

Dr. Corridino's lectures are clinical gems, his approach has a sound neuroanatomic and neurophysiologic basis. His passion and energy is contagious. If, you treat pain issues his lectures are a must! You can literally watch the lectures on Sunday and introduce his approach in clinic on Monday. Applying his methods have improved my results and my patients have noticed the difference! ~ David

Michael Corradino is helping to raise the bar for our profession

Michael Corradino is helping to raise the bar for our profession. With his Neuropuncture system, traditional acupuncture can be both explained and improved using modern neuroscience. The information he presents also improves the ability to communicate with patients and other medical professionals as well. ~ Eric

immediate clinical application

Excellent course! Michael does a fantastic job explaining the neuroscience and revealing the connection to acupuncture points. We gain practical and immediate clinical application to improve pain management results. ~ Allyson

very pertinent to my practice

I love that Dr. Corradino uses an integrative approach for treating patients. This is another great webinar with information that I will be incorporating this week ~ straight forward, easy to understand, and very pertinent to my practice. I look forward to the next webinar! ~Julie

probably some of the most inspiring and applicable CEUs that I'v

I really enjoy the neuropuncture courses - probably some of the most inspiring and applicable CEUs that I've taken. ~Jenifer

Michael's protocols are proven winners

Excellent and practical. I have almost 30 years experience in physical medicine modalities, acupuncture and TCM, and Michael's protocols are proven winners, immediately applicable - given equipment that guarantees accurate electrical frequencies. ~ Donna

Always something new

Always something new, and on the cutting edge with Micheal Corradino! ~ Dawn

Well done, Dr. Corradino!

I have a background in Athletic Training, and have always felt like my style hasn't completely aligned with the style and theory taught in school. I love how this course combined our TCM theory with Western technology and medical advances. Well done, Dr. Corradino! ~ Christina