Neuropuncture Points and Electrical Acupuncture: Module 2

Michael Corradino


Extremely useful and interesting

Extremely useful and interesting seminar, that covered theoretical background, modern scientific research, and practical application. ~ Kornelia

Excellent information

Great Webinar. Excellent information. Very easy to use and informative. Great learning experience. ~ Manuel

should definitely have these courses in school

We should definitely have these courses in school. It's about time we integrate neuroscience with TCM! ~ Nathan

I was really impressed with this webinar

I was really impressed with this webinar. The slides were clear and helpful, the videos and practical advice were great and the speaker was wonderful. Thanks! ~ Mary

Loved it!

Loved it! Very useful. Will watch again....~ Samantha

compelling teacher!

MC is a very compelling teacher! He exudes passion for his work and makes it very easy to learn from him! ~ Tina


EXCELLENT PRESENTATION, combines western science with classic acupuncture in a cohesive logical easily understandable way. Totally clinically orientation with practice information which is easily incorporated into my practice. ~ David

very beneficial

I watched this webinar twice so far after Webinar 1. Dr. Corradino goes in depth explaining each NP point. The course is very beneficial in learning neurological aspects of each NP point, how to apply NP points in clinical practice and more. ~ Atsuko


Excellent! Dr. Corradino is a great presenter and I have really gotten a lot out of his courses. ~ Scot


This course was excellent as was the first basic theory course. The information is presented in a clear and concise manner and I was able to start using many of the points and protocols right away and saw great results. It is so amazing to really be able to discuss what acupuncture is doing in a biochemical and neurological fashion. Love it ~ Christine