Neuropuncture for Cervical, Head, and Facial Conditions: Module 3

Michael Corradino


Excellent course.

Excellent course. Information is more than helpful and great protocols using electrical stimulation. Always so exciting to find someone that can merge Eastern and Western together. They should teach this course in Acupuncture school.

Loved this course!

Loved this course! This is one of my favorite courses- great combination of traditional and modern information. This course will raise the level of competency in our profession- it should be required for all acupuncturists! Eric

A fantastic course

A fantastic course, I have applied many of the techniques in my clinical practice with great results. It is refreshing to have an integrated approach to understanding how acupuncture is treating pain. ~ Katherine

confidence booster

Really enjoyed it and found the watching him needling esp face point a confidence booster ~ Diana

Amazing seminar

Amazing seminar. Highly recommend all acupuncturist take this course ~

clinically very useful.

Clearly presented with videos and slides. Information is explained well and clinically very useful. ~ Carmel

Great integration of western and eastern

Great info! Great integration of western and eastern. Planning to take all of Dr. Corradino's classes. ~ Carol


Excellent! Dr Mike is a wealth of information and entertaining. Hope to meet him someday. ~ Teresa

fantastic program

fantastic program, bridges the East-West divide ~ David

I have learned more here than from any other courses

Dr. Corradino is an amazing lecturer, educator and practitioner and is obviously passionate about his work. I have learned more in his coursework that I can apply to my practice than from any other courses in my many years of practice. ~ Marcy