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Learn critical emotional support strategies and self-discovery tools that validate couples hopes and fears that you can apply to empower clients struggling to conceive.
This one day class will take participants through the 3 chapters and 9 transitions that emerged in this multi-year study of couples who unexpectedly overcome infertility. Practitioners will learn the statistical importance of these 9 transitions and how they come to impact a client's sense of self, ability to cope, and willingness to stay engaged and connected life. We will teach practitioners how they can apply these transitions to bring emotional support and self-discovery for their clients who are either in treatment, considering treatment or those looking for alternative approaches to conception. Upon completion practitioners will be able to stage clients across these 3 chapters and 9 transitions, apply strategies that help them to validate critical emotions and provide techniques to reframe common but powerful distortions in thinking that can impact a client's emotional health and well-being.


  • Understand the 9 key transitions that couples experienced from early “delays” in conceiving, to being in the throes of the struggle, to an unexpected conception
  • Learn the role that societal expectations and pressures have on a couple's identity and sense of self as they experience “month the month” disappointments
  • Expose the impact of “becoming a patient” and the compliant behavior that accompanies the infertility “label”
  • Examine the moments of transition and triggers that lead to acceptance of one's situation, allowing couples to reach back into life, achieving a level of awareness and renewal that dramatically alters their journey to parenthood and beyond


  • Session 1: Introduction to training structure
    • Research Approach
    • Overview 3 Chapters and 9 key transitions
    • Common cognitive distortions
  • Session 2: Review Chapter 1 “Conception of Doubt” & the 3 associated transitions
    • Transition 1: Social Influences, expectations and pressures
    • Transition 2: Delays in conception collide with expectations
    • Transition 3: Empowering mounting doubt and diminished-self D) Caregiver’s tools and techniques to disrupt “Doubt”
  • Session 3: Review Chapter 2 “Patience to Patient” & the 3 associated transitions
    • Transition 4: Becoming a patient
    • Transition 5: Complying to your “prescription”/label
    • Transition 6: Side effects
    • Caregiver’s tools and techniques
  • Session 4: Review Chapter 3 “Surrender to Life” & the 3 associated transitions
    • Transition 7: Becoming a patient
    • Transition 8: Complying to your “prescription”/label
    • Transition 9: Experiencing the side effects
    • Caregiver’s tools and techniques Case Studies and Q&A Recap, Discuss Evaluations, and Closing Training
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Kate Webster and Marc Sherman


Kate obtained a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Alaska Southeast (1995) and a PhD in Behavioral Psychology from the University of Rhode Island (2001). Her training is in behavioural and social psychology with a focus on multivariate statistics and research methods. She has worked within the Alaska State Legislature, Brown University (Butler Campus), Kent Hospital/Care New England, the University of Rhode Island and Various B2B and B2C Fortune 500 companies developing experimental designs and applying multivariate analysis investigating the efficacy of various programs and/or campaign strategies targeting behavior change and tracking the customer and patient's journey.

She is passionate about connecting with people, students, teaching, understanding multicultural and gender issues, social and health psychology, and developing and challenging our theoretical models and the analytic methodologies to which they are anchored.

She lives on her boat (Outlier) with her dog (Homer). She remains actively engaged in researching women’s health issues and believes in advancing the role of women in science. She cares deeply about our planet at the global and community level. She is a Do-It-Yourselfer type and love all types of water sports.

Marc is a husband and father of 3 children Maxwell (12), Emerson (6) and Kennedy (4). He graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a bachelors in Marketing. He has spent over 20 years working in a variety of sales and marketing leadership positions at American Power Conversion and Schneider Electric.

For the last 3 years Marc has dedicated himself and his work to forming the Organic Conceptions organization. They are dedicated to uncovering the patterns, insights and commonalities from couples who unexpectedly overcame infertility. It is his belief that society evolves through shared experiences. What they learn though these stories allows them to provide couples with the critical emotional support and self-discovery tools that can dramatically alter their journey to parenthood and beyond.

On a personal note, he loves clamming, grilling, boating and enjoying the summer months with his family at the beach!

Image of Kate Webster and Marc Sherman

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