This was my 1st Pro D Seminar and it won't be my last. Well done. ~ Lisa

This course has been specifically designed to be interesting and provide usable information - directly related to Oriental Medical practice. It is laid out in a very practical way and provides a step by step approach. It differs from most courses in this topic in that its focus is true life scenarios - of things that are actually occurring around the country - how we can learn from them, and easy things to do to prevent them. Most are easily prevented and dozens of simple and practical tips are provided in the course.

Learning from how they happened can make life much easier, but can also lower the likelihood of future, issues as well as practice related claims.


  1. To clarify and compare the most important terms: Medical Errors, Negligence, Safety, Risk, Risk Management, Lawsuits
  2. To know the types of actual injury or harm that is happening in the practice across the country, to learn from them, to apply this to our own practices and patient visits
  3. To have a list of methods and practices that attendees can use to implement and make their practices safer and lower the likelihood of injury having a practice related suit filed against them
This Course Includes:
Medical Errors, Safety
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Prevention of Medical Errors: 
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Amy Sear


Amy J. Sear, A.P, Dipl. O.M. (NCCAOM) is an experienced speaker, and is valued for her organized, practical, and information filled presentations.  She earned a Bachelor degree from Cornell University and completed her Oriental Medicine education from the Acupressure Acupuncture Institute in Miami, FL., where she received awards for outstanding achievement in academics and clinical practice. She teaches at two schools of OM in Florida, has been a CEU provider since 2000, and has been a guest lecturer at many national conferences.  Amy served as President of the Florida State Oriental Medical Association (FSOMA) from 2004 to 2010.

Amy has worked in true Integrative fashion, side by side with noted Breast Oncologists, since 2002, and practices at the Breast Cancer Center(s) of Memorial Cancer Institute in Hollywood and Pembroke Pines, FL. She has a strong background in both Ethics and Safety and brings her years of respected teaching experience to this topic to provide clarity, accuracy and simplicity.

Amy Sear


Amy was very clear and informative. I would take another class from her! ~ Carrie

an excellent course. ~ Cecilia

Very useful! ~ Scott

This was my 1st Pro D Seminar and it won't be my last. Well done. ~ Lisa

Excellent practical knowledge for operating a clinic ~ Mira