Iridology For Acupuncturists - Level I

Iridology For Acupuncturists - Level I


Awesome course.

Awesome course. Gillian is an engaging and thorough teacher. I will definitely be using it as a reference tool in the future. Lots to learn! ~ Nicole

I loved the course

I loved the course, and Gillian is a fabulous presenter. She was very personable in her presentation and full of extra information from her own experiences in her clinic. ~ Renske


This program was exceptional! Gillian beautifully blended iridology and TCM in a way that is easy to understand and incorporate into clinical practice. ~ Michelle


Thank you Gillian.:) The information you shared is fascinating. I do think it would be helpful to add more slides of healthy eyes next to eyes with the different issues side by side to compare and contrast. ~ Lori

Love this course!

Love this course! Gillian is great!! Cannot wait to use this in my practice!

Great course!

Great course! Very clear, organized and helpful. ~ Danett