Introduction to Holistic Preconception Planning

R. Keith Bell


Highly recommend

Keith provided a whole new approach to treating patients looking to conceive that I've now started to implement in my treatments. Highly recommend. ~ Michael


This was a very interesting course and I love the idea of working with people over a longer period of time. I have also found the "3-month" paradigm to be a stressful expectation for my self and the patient. I did feel that Keith has such a rich background in a wide range of spiritual topics and disciplines, I don't feel that I would be able to apply that aspect of the program in the same way or converse with patients in that vein as deeply.

I would have appreciated more links and resources included with the slides, both for people who want to delve deeper into some of the spiritual topics that he mentions and also for the various studies that he mentions, links would be helpful. ~ Naomi

Great course.

Great course. Good content and straightforward delivery. I'm looking forward to hearing Keith speak more at the IFS this spring ~ Lauren

Fantastic content and love Keith's explanation and intention

Fantastic content and love Keith's explanation and intention in his pre conception planning and love how it takes the pressure away from the '3 months' of fertility prep that I have found to be very stressful for both the client and the practitioner.

Great Course

Great Course. I would love to have him teach another one on how to set up this types of program.

Keith Bell's approach is refreshing

Keith Bell's approach to the work of preconception care is refreshing. I appreciated his candour in sharing his methods.

Useful and thought-provoking course

Useful and thought-provoking course. Really enjoyed it and will be able to carry over into my practice.
~ Dorothy

I really loved this class!

I really loved this class! I talk with my patients about preparing for pregnancy all of the time; but this class gave me a much better format to use, and I look forward to doing so!

What a great course

What a great course. So much to learn and so much to implement to build a practice.
~ Karen

VERY informative course

This was a VERY informative course. The information about Functional Medicine, lab tests, and how he manages them with patients, was helpful.
~ Lisa