This was a really fun course. I enjoyed focusing on learning about the elemental types and less on the TCM treatment. ~Jessica

The course is aimed to address the growing challenge in treating Crohn’s disease (CD). Current standard treatment in conventional medicine comprises pharmaceutical therapies such as anti-inflammatory agents, immune suppressants and biological therapy. There is an urgent need to develop new comprehensive therapeutic model which can be employed in an integrative strategy.

The course outlines the conventional diagnostic and treatment model of CD and presents a new differential diagnosis which integrates this with the energetic TCM view. The course enables practitioners to learn a practical, clinically-oriented treatment model for CD while also learning how to safely monitor their patient’s condition through conventional medicine examinations.


  • Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:
  • Understanding the biological and patho-physiological aspects of CD.
  • Understanding relevant conventional diagnostic examinations (endoscopies, biopsies, CT scans, fecal biomarkers, blood tests)
  • Leaning a new integrative TCM differential diagnosis for CD
  • Learning treatment strategies for CD including herbal formulas and acupuncture protocols



  • CD overview: Definition, epidemiology, etiology
  • Conventional medical examination: Endoscopies, blood test, CT scans, MRI, fecal markers, pathology, pharmaceutical treatments and surgical intervention.
  • Conventional patho-physiology of CD: Stricturing disease, fistulizing disease, inflammatory non-complicated disease.
  • A TCM view on the patho-physiology and new integrative differential diagnosis of CD
    • The Chong Mai and its correlation with the innate and adaptive immune system in CD
    • The Microbiom and its correlation with Dampness in CD
    • Heat/Fire predominant disease
    • Dampness predominant disease
    • Blood stasis predominant disease
  • Effective acupuncture treatments and point combinations for CD according to differential diagnosis
  • Effective herbal formulas, herbal pairs (dui yao) and modifications for CD according to differential diagnosis
  • Case Studies, Program Worksheet
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Nir Salomon


Nir is a certified TCM practitioner and an integrative gastroenterology specialist. He is the founder and director of the integrative gastroenterology unit in Sheba medical center (the largest hospital in the Middle East). Nir is also a co-founder and acting CEO of the Sino-Israeli Research Foundation (SIRF) an organization conducting academic and research collaboration between world-leading medical centers and Head of R&D of ITS Medical Inc. Nir currently runs two busy private clinics in Israel, leads innovative research projects, teaches and lectures world-wide about the integrative approach to gastro-intestinal diseases. Nir lives with his wife Navit and their children Mori, Rotem and Inbar on the beach village of Beit Herut in Israel.

Image of Nir Salomon


Learned TCM differentiation

I thought the color photos of tongue came across well in the color slides. I appreciated 1/2 day while also wishing this was 4 hours a day for two days to cover all the material. ~Tanuja

Thank you for including this interesting topic. ~Craig

Nir was very knowledgeable and clear with a lot of clinical experience to share.

This was a really fun course. I enjoyed focusing on learning about the elemental types and less on the TCM treatment. ~Jessica