A unique, simple yet profound method for Health Practitioners to increase their sense of fulfillment, service and expansion to existing and potential clients, by discovering how to partner their desire to help more people and make a difference and at the same time take care of themselves and their business to create more freedom, joy and prosperity.

Nicola Salter introduces the 5 keys for opening a new way of doing business following a heart based wisdom that she herself has successfully applied to her own life and business as a mentor , energy medicine practitioner and clinical aromatherapist.


  • Objectives for heart based business owners:
  • Discover the process of creating a new or improved reality combining the spiritual and human self
  • Understand why its important to deprogram and reprogram the ego to become a tool of the spirit and help you and those around you expand and transform
  • Bring your own goals to this program and watch how you can take them to the next level
  • Learn:
    • The importance of coming from a place of inspiration and expansion to open other’s hearts
    • The impact of being of service to others
    • Why committing to your inspiration will bring momentum and creative flow to your goal and ultimately synchronicities to help you on your way
    • The fundamental steps to letting go of sabotaging belief patterns and learning to rewire your brain expansively and create new positive visceral experiences
    • The key to bringing more life to your heart based business and infinite possibilities

The Take-Away:
A system of working that will support you as a heart based business owner bring to the world your unique creative expression that fulfills you and is of service to others. A system that provides you with a template that you will be able to integrate over and over again in all areas of your life to move you away from old worn out belief patterns and reprogram new neural pathways to bring freshness, new perspective, fulfillment, joy and freedom in your work and your personal life.

  • Introduction to what is manifestation and the universal laws of manifestation
  • The First Key – Inspired Desire
  • The Second Key – Being of Service
  • The Third Key – Making it Happen and Creative Flow
  • The Fourth Key – Elegant Alchemy – breaking away from sabotaging beliefs and rewiring the brain and putting your attention on new focused belief patterns
  • The Fifth Key – Being in Expansion, rewiring the neural networks.
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