Herb Safety in Pregnancy

Herb Safety in Pregnancy


Best CEU/PDA I've taken

Best CEU/PDA I've taken. Wildy interesting. It was like listening/watching an addictive Netflix documentary. ~ Jennifer

I really learned a lot

I really learned a lot in a short amount of time -- information that is directly practice applicable! ~ Addie

This is a must take course.

This is a must take course. John Pirog clearly lays out the issue of herbal safety during pregnancy. He is able to convey a breadth and depth of understanding of the science, available research, statistical outcomes, ethical concerns, and more, around the use of herbs during pregnancy. He brings up the uncomfortable issue of informed consent including information on potential adverse effects of taking herbs for the mother and/or fetus. I will recommend this course to all my colleagues in the area who prescribe herbs, and even some who don't. ~ Eileen

informative and digestible

It was really informative and digestible as a course. Not too much information but good for clinical reasoning and safety concerns with pregnant women. ~ Colleen

webinar unusable information

Although I agree fully with patients consent of treatment, I found much of the webinar unusable information. Yes there is risk when prescribing herbal formulas to pregnant women but shouldn't that be weighed against the risk of complications of not addressing the pregnant women concern or diagnosis. ~ Jill

Great course!

Great course that brings up important information for anyone prescribing herbs to pregnant patients. ~ Cheryl


Great Webinar - Regina

feel more confident

I will feel more confident addressing patient concerns regarding safety of using Chinese herbal medicine in pregnancy even though it is uncomfortable to have to tell patients there are risks. ~ Jennie

necessary topic

Uncomfortable but necessary topic! ~ Kirsten

Very well presented

Very well presented... and extremely valuable information.  Most of the info confirmed what I suspected when I was pregnant IN Acupuncture school and offered herbs by my midwife/Acu.  Granted, far more reliable double-blind studies need to be performed, and there are just too many variables to comfortably persuade me 100% in either direction.  But when dealing with the development of a human child, it is far better to be safe than sorry. ~ Monica