A Five Spirit Approach to Treating Shock and Trauma

A Five Spirit Approach to Treating Shock and Trauma


amazing teacher and mentor

Lorie Dechar is an amazing practitioner and an amazing teacher and mentor. This information will greatly enhance the work I do - both in my acupuncture practice and in my work as a teacher of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. ~ Elaine

I really loved this seminar.

I really loved this seminar. Lorie 's book The 5 Spirits is an absolute bible for me so it was wonderful to hear her lecture. I just can't believe I haven't attended workshops with her before (although I am in Australia!) ~ Keri

enlightening and gave some great, instantly usable ways

I found the webinar to be enlightening and gave some great, instantly usable ways to work with trauma in clinic. I am excited to begin exploring the use of essential oils in conjunction with the work I am doing. ~ Tanya

Very informative!

I love how Lorie connected the Wu Shen with the symptoms of trauma. Very informative!

I got more than my money's worth

This was a really excellent course, I feel that I got more than my money's worth. Lorie's descriptions of each section of the material were thorough, nuanced and left me with an understanding of the subject that brings so many elements of my practice (and personal) experience together in a profound way. I look forward to engaging with some of the oils and flower essences in particular both personally and with clients. ~ Cristina

easily accessible

Lorie's information was easily accessible, even for someone who isn't very familiar with Five Element acupuncture treatments. I came away with protocols I could apply the next day in clinic, as well as a strong curiosity to learn more about 5E theory and clinical applications. ~ Michelle

I loved this course

I loved this course and it was perfect timing for what I was craving to offer to my patients. I think Lorie Dechar did an excellent job presenting the material and also conveying the need for practitioners to be educated and trained in dealing with trauma in our practices.

This is a great course!

This is a great course! It has piqued my interest to explore more of Lorie's teachings. I have tools to utilize in practice right away. It gave me insights about daily practice that will make me a better practitioner. ~ Cynthia

Absolutely fantastic!!!!! 

Absolutely fantastic!!!!!   Presented information I have absolutely been seeking. Perfectly done, perfectly paced, super organized and clear flow - just what I love and respect in a presenter! Please have her do more! I love the description of the spirit as well as the five spirits! And lastly, such a sweet and authentic practitioner! ~ Amy

useful, actionable information

Would have gladly sat through an additional four hours of this material but this course gave me useful, actionable information as well as sparking interest in further exploration. ~ Dia