During the past 30 years the approach towards different Eating Disorders started to change. it has finally been acknowledged that eating disorders are not “just” biological or “stand alone” disorders but stem and the consequence of a wide variety of complex traumas
In this upcoming workshop I would like to discuss the connection between sexual abuse (rape, incest, sexual assault, etc.) and Eating Disorders I encounter in my clinic. It is clear that those different pathological eating habits are a direct result of those sexual traumas (not only sexual of course) and represent a “revolt” against the body - a separation, a secret wish to conceal, evade and disappear the body by starving it, covering it with layers of fat or vomiting as a sign of deep distress of the soul. I will shed light on the mechanism of trauma and especially sexual trauma in the Classical Chinese Medicine perspective and draw a line to the inner dissonance resonating as a result, causing alienation and self destructive eating habits.
The discussion of the treatment will focus on assisting the patient in consolidating, unifying and embodying their true self, reclaiming control over one's body and destiny with the help of classical acupuncture and herbal treatment.
This course was presented at the ICCM Conference. Pro D Seminars would like to thank the ICCM Conference for allowing us to host their lectures on our site.


  1. Understanding the pathological dynamics of sexual abuse/trauma in the CCM perspective
  2. Drawing the line between Eating Disorders and Sexual abuse in terms of organ systems and vital substances disharmonies.
  3. Identifying and understanding the line of treatment in terms of approach, strategy and point/herbs selection


  • Overview of the psychopathological effects of sexual abuse and trauma
  • The effects of violating the ability to move freely between Heaven and Earth
  • Treatment and strategies
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Acupuncture, Herbology
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Vardi Benesh-Raviv


Vardi Benesh-Raviv Lic. Ac is the head of the TCM department at the Open University, Tel – Aviv.

Specialized and practices Gynecology, Fertility and Obstetrics after studying for 2 years under Prof. Yuning Wu in her first running class in the west and in the OBGYN department at the Chengdu University hospital for TCM.

Founded the Chinese Medicine clinic for HIV/AIDS in collaboration with the Israel AIDS Task Force in TLV.
Vardi runs a private clinic in Tivon & Kfar Saba holding over 15 years experience of teaching and practicing.

Image of Vardi Benesh-Raviv