Great course, loaded with excellent ideas links and advice.
~ Jack

Almost every practice, from new to established, needs a supply of new patients. Who are they, where are they, and what are the best strategies to attract them to your practice?


Introduction / Overview
What stops patients from joining your practice? Introduce the concept of The River. Model overview.

The New Patient Attraction Model
A model for becoming the go-to professional, and getting patients across The River:

  • Create Expert Status: Learn three key elements of expert status: Visibility, Focus, and Education
  • Use Stepping Stones: First Dates. Offering a low-risk first step to prospective patients.
  • Build Bridges: From Dating to Relationships. How to build referral relationships comfortably and successfully.

Jumping the Line: Simple Steps to Buying a Practice

Buying an existing practice is the single fastest way to fill your schedule. It’s easier than you think—here’s how to find, assess, and purchase a practice.


Five Simple Actions

  • Five practical steps practitioners can take today to begin attracting patients.


  • Develop a long-term career strategy for attracting new patients
  • Understand the main sources of new patients, and their pros and cons
  • Discover the value of, and strategies for, buying an existing practice
  • Best practices/strategies for finding new patients in each category
  • To niche or not to niche
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Course Reviews

I enjoyed the content of the course. There was adequate information and resources that are useful in helping to build a new practice. Thank you for the inspiration Dan!
~ Naomi

Great course, loaded with excellent ideas links and advice.
~ Jack

This was an excellent class for practitioners to help with the tremendous and overwhelming possibilities on how to market a practice.

Great course - thanks!

Very informative! Provided fresh perspective for new practitioners on how to acquire new patients. Lots of great ideas.