The Common Cold: The Most Difficult Disease to Treat

The Common Cold: The Most Difficult Disease to Treat


Already finding it helpful. ~

Already finding it helpful.
~ Judith

Enjoyed very much, loved

Enjoyed very much, loved Heiner's teaching attitude, found him humble and very knowledgeable.
~ Patricia

Another information-packed

Another information-packed seminar delivered by Dr. Freuhauf with kindness and confidence.
~ Margaret R

Excellent course

Excellent course
I took forever going through this and have a verbatim transcript because I thought the material is so important. And, look forward now to a break and reading through this before (and after) doing the Lung seminar.

Very practical course, well

Very practical course, well explained.
~ Mark

One of the best courses

This is one of the best courses I ever had from Heiner Fruehauff.

I was left wanting more. :)

I thoroughly enjoyed this seminar and was left wanting more. :)
~ Esther

Enjoyed this and other courses

As always with Heiner, I wish there was more time: to go over case studies, discuss particular and peculiar qualities of herbs, especially when used on combinations. On case studies, more with re diagnosis and then into which of the CP formulas he might recommend. Enjoyed this and other courses. Look forward to doing them all. Over and over again.
~ Laura

Great course, Highly recommended.

After so many Heiner classes where complex patterns are broken down to their simpler components, I did not expect this would live up to those standards. Was I wrong! Great course, with important distinctions about how different types of patients manifest Wind, Cold or Damp pathologies. Highly recommended.
~ Kellie

Thanks for a great course

Thanks for a great course. Some great formulas to use.
~ Cecilia