Have heard much of Lonny Jarrett over the years and glad to finally have a chance to learn from him...was not disappointed.
~ Richard

One of the great strengths of Chinese medicine is its ability to generate a unique and nuanced diagnosis by differentiating each individual. But few of us have an authentic understanding of the absolute and universal dimensions of the self. It is through knowing ourselves that we know our patients. In this lecture I will discuss the ground of being (0), the authentic self (+1), and the ego (-1) as the absolute dimensions of the self. It is the one pointed perspective of simplicity obtained “at the center of the circle” that cuts through clinical complexity.

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Course Reviews

I am so thrilled to have found a teacher like Lonny Jarrett. The truths he is imparting are profound and invaluable, not just for the practice of medicine but for life in general. These are ideas and guidelines that we desperately need in this age. I would recommend this course to anyone. ~ Noura

Lonny Jarrett is able to articulate an illusive quality in an understandable and humorous manner.

EXCELLENT. Thank you!
~ Dianna

More and more in health care we cannot leave the spirit out of the picture. Our own efforts as practitioners to reach that level of emptiness to strive toward evolutionary evolvement of our higher self is crucial to healing others.
This course I chose to take with Yvonne Farrell's Pyscho-emtional Disorders because of the time in my life and because I felt they went hand in hand together.

I will definitely take more courses from this instructor.