Assisted Reproductive Technology Overview for the Chinese Medicine Professional

Lee Hullender Rubin Reproductive Technology


Incredibly helpful course

Incredibly helpful course for acupuncturists, Doctors of TCM, and naturopathic doctors who work with couples undergoing ovulation induction, IUI and IVF. Dr. Lee Hullender Rubin is a wealth of knowledge, and has wonderfully outlined the most common diagnostic tests, medications, and procedures used in ART. ~ Meghan

Fantastic Experience

This was a really fantastic experience. I've attended other webinars and this is easily the best. I really appreciate Lee's extensive knowledge and experience and teaching style.

Very clear

I thought this was a great presentation, very clear. I'm a total beginner to this and wasn't confused at any point and felt that the presenter followed a logic order in her explanations. ~Alexandra

Specifics That Made it Great

Great Presentation! Specifics that made it great:
-content was in depth and well explained
-presentation used great images, video and didn't overload slides with words
-speaker has nice variations in her voice, kept eye contact so it felt like we were having a discussion
-speaker's enthusiasm for the subject was evident
All that made 3 hours go by quickly and made me eager to see the rest of the series.

Gerat Amount of Information

Great amount of information, well explained, valuable knowledge to have when treating fertility patients. ~ Sandro

Intelligent Conversation

I guess I didn't expect so many drugs and acronyms. It's information, that once I study and learn it, will allow me to have an intelligent conversation with the doctor I whose patients I treat with acupuncture. My hope is to learn how I can help him and his patients have better results.

Very informative

Very informative ~ Elizabeth

Easy to understand

Great course, easy to understand. Looking forward to the next modules. ~Dayna

great class

great class! ~ Mia

Broad Stroke Slide

Was a great lecture. The only thing I would change is, as a newbie graduate and learning all this for largely the first time, having a broad stroke slide at the beginning or throughout the presentation would really help to see why we're talking about what we're talking about and keep a clearer overall picture. I sometimes felt like I didn't know what Lee was talking about, or why she was talking about a category. ~Chris