Arya Nielsen Gua Sha 11 Module Package

Arya Nielsen


module 11: Brilliant, really enjoyed this entire course.

Brilliant, really enjoyed this entire course. Now I have finished, my only concern is getting to see Arya in Europe within the time frame to become certified and on her website. No11 was my favourite of all the modules. ~ Claire

Module 9

Don't miss this module if you want to do gua sha, how to prepare, position yourself and the patient, and the communication are as important as the gua sha technique! ~ Ruth

Module 9: best module so far

This is the best module so far because it's given the most comprehensive practical advice so far. ~ Ruth

Module 1 LOVE

I LOVE the expertise presented here. Nielsen is a igh-quality instructor. ~ Ashley

Module 1 Great work

Great work, Arya! Congratulations on getting all of this material together and thanks for sharing it with our community. ~ Colleen

Module 8: great course

great course, great teacher. Learned lots of things never know about ~ Marina

Module 7: Great course lots of valuable information

Great course lots of valuable information, which you cannot find anywhere else. Great explanations.Learn lots of thing which can be implement in my practice immediately ~ Marina

Module 8 psycho-spiritual effects

Module 8: Excellent to show the psycho-spiritual effects and cultural biases by film clips! This gives the practitioner a vivid glimpse of possible reactions to gua sha: from deeply healing to demonizing it as abuse. This prepares us to react wisely. ~ Ruth

amazingly valuable

For those expressing skepticism about the notion of a certification in gua sha I will echo Arya's comments and say that this course takes what we learned in school to a far deeper and more sophistocated level. I have used gua sha extensively in my practice for over a decade, but by taking this course I have learned to communicate with patients and other health care providers more effectively and correctly about what gua sha actually is and what it does. As has been demonstrated in FB groups on numerous occasions, most of what L.Ac.s say about gua sha is either not true or is only partially true. I feel strongly that if we are to have any hope at all of being taken seriously within the mainstream medical community, we need to be able to explain what we do in terms that physicians understand. This is particularly true with techniques like gua sha that have a rather alarming appearance. For instance, recently I saw a 70 year old female who had had very persistent and severe mid-back pain for several months. Her pain was bad enough to cause her to spend much of the night crying each night. She had had a medical workup to confirm that the pain was not caused by cancer or kidney pathology. The pain had not been relieved by acupuncture, physical therapy, or various medications. After one session of gua sha she was completely pain-free. As recommended by Arya, I showed her what her back looked like using a mirror before she left my office and gave her a handout explaining gua sha (below). The next day she had an appointment with her dermatologist. By then her back was feeling so good that she had completely forgotten about it. When he exposed her back for examination, however, he cried out in shock. Fortunately she still had my patient handout in her purse. She showed it to him and explained to him how much it had helped her stubborn back pain. He came away from the encounter intrigued and wanting to learn more. Imagine, however, if I had just told her that gua sha "removes toxins" (as acupuncturists commonly do when discussing gua sha). The dermatologist would have felt that that is utter nonsense (which it is) and likely would have formed a strong negative association with both me and acupuncturists in general. I think that Arya has done our profession an amazingly valuable service by creating this course and making her knowledge available to us. ~ KHW


Entire gua sha certificate course was terrific, culminating in this module which was very, very good. ~ Molly