Presenter Course Type CEU/Hours
Image of Arya Nielsen and Claudia Citkovitz Acupuncture Therapies for Inpatient and Hospital-based Care Arya Nielsen and Claudia Citkovitz, Arya Nielsen PhD, Claudia Citkovitz On Demand Recording 22 $499.99
The Treatment of Habitual Miscarriage Habitual Miscarriage: Diagnosis and Treatment with Case studies Sharon Weizenbaum On Demand Recording 6 $150.00
Triple Burner: Central Mechanism of Development Efrem Korngold On Demand Recording 4 $99.95
Amos Ziv - The Metabolic Syndrome
Michael Oxman - The Metabolic Syndrome
The Metabolic Syndrome - A Six Channel/Level Outlook Amos Ziv and Michael Oxman On Demand Recording 3 $75.00
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