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Gillian Marsollier (M.TCM, R.Ac., C.C.I.I.) successfully completed the 4-year Masters Program in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, and the provincial registration exam with the BC regulatory board, CTCMA, in 2001. Her education began at the University of Calgary in the Nursing Program. She was drawn to Emergency Medicine and was looking at completing her Nursing as an undergrad to Medicine. After completing part of the program, she discovered the field of TCM/Acupuncture and felt immediately connected to the foundation and theories. Thus began her studies in the alternative medicine field at the young age of 20.

Immediately upon graduation, she moved to St. John’s, NL and mentored under a well- established and highly regarded TCM practitioner. This helped shape her practice and guide her further training immensely, especially in terms of her specialties, which to date include Holistic Nutrition, Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture, and Iridology.

When the first college of Acupuncture was to open on the East Coast, Gillian was called upon to instruct and accepted the position with great anticipation. Her teaching career started in NL where she wrote the bulk of the curriculum for a 3-year program in addition to being the Acupuncture Program Director. She had the pleasure of seeing 3 years of students graduate from the program she had designed and implemented. Gillian was then transferred to Halifax, NS to focus her efforts on having the Acupuncture program approved with the Board of Education in NS. Her persistence and dedication paid off in early 2008 when the Acupuncture program received formal approval. In addition to teaching, she simultaneously practiced at a very successful multi-faceted alternative treatment centre while residing on the East Coast.

Gillian has designed and instructed numerous registration exam preparation bootcamps in both AB and BC – all with excellent results. She is known for being thorough, detailed, knowledgable, and an extremely entertaining instructor!

She is currently pursuing the media side of acupuncture and natural healing to help the masses understand when and why to use natural therapies. She just moved from Victoria, BC where she was instructing at the Pacific Rim College and was in private practice at the Vancouver Island Naturopathic Clinic working closely and in tandem with many different natural therapists. She has taught all acupuncture courses, but was focused on teaching: Advanced Clinical Case Studies, Holistic Nutrition, Shi Liao (Advanced Chinese Nutrition), ENT, Clinical Observation, and Tui Na (Chinese Massage).

Gillian Marsollier

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