Amy Neuzil


Dr. Neuzil is a naturopathic doctor, speaker, teacher and author of DIY Health: For Women. She founded Excelon Health, an integrative wellness center in Austin, TX and went on to her current role as clinical director of People’s Wellness Center, with Austin’s own iconic Peoples Rx. She believes the most important role physicians have is to empower their patients to take ownership of their health and in doing so, to take an active role in shaping a better world and better future for all. Dr. Neuzil also believes that only through education are we able to create lasting change with ripples that reach farther than the small pond of a private practice.

She is currently the director of the Integral Studies department at AOMA and faculty for Evidence Based Medicine, Drug-Herb Interactions and Pathophysiology II. She is also a frequent radio host, lecturer and also natural medicine educator for conventional medical offices.

Personally Amy is a gardener, camper, home-remodeler, pianist, wanderer and lifelong seeker of wisdom - especially in regards to spirituality and women. Her specialties in practice include alternative approaches to the anxiety, insomnia and depression triad as well as wellness-based women’s health. Amy feels that by empowering women to care for their own health in a lasting and meaningful way we will see change across society as that care takes root and spreads towards partners, families, friends and children.

Amy Neuzil

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